The Outstanding Thomasian Alumni (TOTAL) 2016 Awardees

USTCAAA would like to congratulate ARCH. EDGAR V. REFORMADO – BS Architecture Class 1957 and ARCH. CARMELO T. CASAS – BS Architecture Class 1976, awardees of The Outstanding Thomasian Alumni (TOTAL) Awards 2016 in the field of Architecture. The award will be given on November 18, 2016.


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EDGAR “Ega” V. REFORMADO – BS Architecture Class 1957

Architect Edgar Reformado, with almost 60 years of experience, is an influential architect noted for his advocacies and initiatives for environment-sensitive principles and practice in the design and construction field. His passion for environmental preservation and architecture forged a nationwide awareness and practice of green and sustainable design. The UAP-Green Architecture Movement under his helm earned the coveted Father Neri Satur Award for Environmental Heroism, in 2010.

Arch. Reformado is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas in 1957, and is amongst the first one thousand one hundred registered architects of the country. As a professional, Arch. Ega worked as a designer, consultant and builder with decades-worth of work under his belt. He is an expert in commercial, residential, institutional and recreational designs. His practice and initiatives broaden his range of work and collaboration with notable private and government institutions in the country, including several of the top companies such as Ayalaland Corp., ABS-CBN, BayaniJuan and ABS-CBN Foundations, GSIS, etc.

A recognized member emeritus by the United Architects of the Philippines College of Fellows and was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the organization in 2014. He is an active member of the UAP and has served the organization as National Secretary and Vice President, along with several year of service as Chapter President of the UAP-Manila Maharlika Chapter, which was herald as the Best Chapter by the UAP for two consecutive years paving its way to be the first chapter to receive the Hall of Fame Recognition.

Arch. Ega also lead and pioneered several professional organizations. In 1977, he co-founded the Architects Bowling Club (ABC) and was immediately elected as its first president. He served as president and director of the Philippine Bowling Congress (PBC), Philippine Construction Association (PCA – Mandaluyong, San Juan & Pasig Chapter) and Architects Toastmaster Club (ATC).

As an advocate, his initiative and passion in environmental preservation and awareness had driven the leader and artist in him. He served as the chairman of Green Architecture Movement (GAM) for a significant period. He spearheaded and exhibited a complete actual Green Home Model together with Green Architecture Advocacy Philippines in 2 international sustainable exhibits held at SMX Manila in 2009, which gained them the honor of the Father Neri Satur Award for Environmental Heroism. His desire to further extend the reach and awareness of the Green and Sustainable practice in the country drove him to pave a wider ground on the issue. Along with advocates and practitioners from different field, he founded the Green Architecture Advocacy Philippines (GreenAP) in 2010. Today, GreenAP has over a thousand members, whose affiliations came from different field and professions.

Arch. Reformado headed no less than a thousand campaigns, projects, events, lectures, researches and studies, including the longest-running Green event in the country, the Annual Green Forum. Over the course of his practice and service, he has proven himself as a living legacy in the field of architecture, as an architect, a leader and an advocate.


  CARMELO ‘Meloy’ T. CASAS – BS Architecture Class 1976

The Professional Regulation Commission conferred on Architect Carmelo Topacio Casas, a UST College of Architecture Alumnus, the 2015 Outstanding Professional of the Year Award in the field of Architecture during its 42nd Founding Anniversary celebration at the Fiesta Pavilion of the Manila Hotel on June 18, 2015.

Architect Casas received the prestigious PRC award for exemplifying the highest degree of professional competence and integrity in the architecture profession, for his selfless dedication in shaping high standards and values of the architectural practice, for sharing his expertise with peers in various organizations, and for his stewardship role in promoting social responsibility through meaningful participation and contribution in socio-related activities.

The Outstanding Professional of the Year Award is the highest award bestowed by the PRC upon a professional as recommended by the Accredited Professional Organization. The PRC is the government body for the regulation and licensing of various professions and occupations.

Architect Casas earned his Bachelors degree in Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas in 1976 and passed the National Board Examination in 1978, with an overall ranking of 7th Place.

Architect Carmelo Casas’ international career started when he joined Eric Cumine Associates in August 1978 as assistant architect where he got involved in Harbour City projects. In 1980 he moved to Palmer and Turner (HK) as Design Architect where he got involved in major landmark projects in Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia. By 1985 he joined Architects Hawaii Far East (AHFE) as project architect for various hotel projects in China, among which are Furama HOTEL IN Dalian, and the Behai Hotel in Behai, China. He became an associate shortly and became the youngest partner of the firm in 1987.

He co-founded RECIO+CASAS (HK) Ltd. in Hong Kong on October 1988. Architect Casas was responsible for major design projects in Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China. Together with Architect Jose Pedro Recio, they set up a branch office in the Philippines in 1990 to spearhead their involvement as Design Consultant of the Pacific Plaza project at Ayala Avenue, Makati. In 1992, Architect Casas established RECIO+CASAS Ltd. in Thailand to participate as Design Consultant for various hotel, office and residential projects, namely the Thailand Stock Exchange Building, The First Pacific Building, Phuket Yacht Club, and the Queen’s Park Casa by Land & House.

In August 1996, after 18 years in Hong Kong, Architect Casas decided to return to the Philippines to lead the development of Pacific Plaza Towers in Fort Bonifacio, joining forces with his partner who came back 4 years earlier. From then on, the firm grew as a result of a wide range of clients who sought their expertise in high rise residential and office building design as well as master planning.

Today, after two decades of diversified architectural projects, the firm formerly known as RECIO+CASAS has decided to have a new name and a fresh identity that is CASAS+Architects. The firm holds up ideals in architecture, urban and master planning, and interior design, meeting the varying demands of the current market. The firm keeps abreast of the times through applications of the latest technologies and innovations readily available in this day and age where sustainability and resiliency to change is the name of the game.

Architect Casas served the UAP as Director of UAP Convention Exhibits for the Fiscal Year 2012-2013 under the presidency of Architect Rozanno C. Rosal, FUAP.

As the agency-in-charge of the professional sector, the PRC plays a strategic role in developing the corps of professionals for industry, commerce, governance, and the economy.